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I love to read! I get so involved with the characters sometimes that I forget it is just a book. Is that bad? I love getting absorbed into new and exciting worlds. My imagination goes wild when I am reading. I love imagining how the characters look, based on the descriptions of course. I like to put myself into the story and really feel like I am there. J.K. Rowling is really good at making the readers feel like they are part of Harry's life. I have secretly always wanted to go to Hogwarts. I know it is not a real place, but it would be SO awesome if it was.
I also love reading non-fiction books. I like to learn about history and think about how I would react if I was around in the time period that the book was written. What would I do if I lived in Nazi occupied Germany? I am considered the perfect Aryan race because I have blonde hair and blue eyes. Would I just let the Nazis take over and not say a damn thing in order to protect myself and my family? Would I try my hardest to protect the Jews from Hitler and his army? I think I probably would have done the latter. However, there is no way to know for sure. The Bible is one book I do not read as often as I should. I am not as familiar with it as I feel like I should be at this point in my life. Slowly but surely I am getting more familiar with it.
Well, I am going to read about some vampires now..no, NOT Stephanie Meyers...she is a TERRIBLE author.


I pretty much have the best dad in the world. Even though he does not say a lot, I still understand him...then again, I am basically his younger female version. He does so much for me that I cannot begin to attempt to pay him back. Well, just wait, when he gets old and dependent, my sister and I will be there. First of all, because that is what family does and second of all because he is simply amazing! He has been an amazing dad and I think I turned out all right. :) I do not know where he learned to be such a great father with no father figure in his life...but he did, and he did the best job ever! Along with working crazy hours to make sure there was food on the table, a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, etc., he also made sure he spent quality time with us. When we were younger, we used to go on yearly dates with him. I kind of miss that. I love spending time with just him. I understand him more and more as I grow older..then again as I grow older, the funnier he is to me..but do not tell him that. He amuses me without even trying and that is all that matters....so thank you dad for EVERYTHING! Thank you for all the work on my car, being there for me when I cannot drive home because I am sick, thank you for an amazing room that I can hang out with my friends in. Thank you for working all those crazy sucky hours so that we are all well supported. Thank you for making sure I always have everything I need. You seem to always have extra money when I am just short of making my tuition deadline...which I ALWAYs pay back as soon as possible and you understand that. We do not always see eye to eye because we are equally stubborn but I will always love you! I just wish you would read this someday.
Love always,
Dana Lee!
I want
I want to
I want to write
I want to write an
I want to write an essay...


I want
I want this essay
I want this essay to
I want this essay to be
I want this essay to be amazing.

I have not taken an English class for a few years and I really miss it. I miss reading books and debating on themes, symbols, etc. I miss writing essays and that feeling I get when I know I have produced something good. That feeling when I read what I wrote and know that it is really deep. Wen I think to myself: "How in the world did I ever come up with this?" Words are amazing. Language is amazing. I love how, depending on the point you are trying to make, there is always a word for it. I love making complex sentences. I love expanding my vocabulary. I have not done this for quite sometime but I love flipping to a random page in the dictionary and learning a new word on a daily basis. It makes me feel smart. My goal is to write more often because, like every other skill, practice makes perfect. Yes, I know that is cliche but that is no concern of me. I am sorry if this entry seemed pointless. Thank you for your time.


I may be getting out of Hardee's soon! It still means working in the food business but:
a. it is MUCH closer to home
b. it is NOT Hardees
c. Subway rocks!

Working on scheduling an interview for the Subway at 9.5 and Harper!! YIP!

Stupid Girl

You are NOT my boss. You will probably never BE my boss. Why do you insist on telling me what to do? I am NOT going to listen to you. If you WERE my boss, I probably still would not listen because you are SO mean!!!!!!!! I was having a fantastic day until I came in to get my check and you started bickering at me. Dumb dumb girl. Just leave me alone and let me do my work.
I try my hardest to make sure that everything is done before leaving for the night. HOWEVER, when I come in and I have to finish work that the GENERAL MANAGER left undone, help the cook with stuff the LUNCH cook did not complete then stock inventory that the LUNCH crew should have stocked before they left, help clean in the dining room AND all of my assigned work on top of that....it is easy to run out of time or forget to complete every single little task!!!!!!!! Ugh. I am so done with that place. Anywhere hiring in the St. Clair Shores area?

Hello Livejournal!

There has been A LOT going on lately. I have such a hard time keeping track of all the recent events because it seems as though my life has just been driving in the speed lane past me as I cruise along in the slow lane. I can honestly say that my life is exactly where I need it to be at this point. God is answering more and more of my prayers as the days go on. He is amazing! Andrea will be leaving for the navy soon. I am going to miss her but I know she is chasing her dreams. This is what she wants to do and we all know there is no holding that girl back! Devin is still basically the best boyfriend ever. I have never been happier! I only hate when he comes home because I know that he has to leave again. It is really hard but it is making me strong. It is also really helping me to learn how to be more patient. Patience is simply a virtue that I do not have. My Uncle Davin just passed away early yesterday morning. I am still in shock. I am very happy that Kellie still has a home though. My Uncle Keith is going to take her under his wing. I had a mental breakdown at work last night and I felt terrible after. Work is work. There is nothing new or exciting about the good ol' Hardee's. I am knocking out more and more classes every semester in school. I will be attending Wayne State University in fall of 2011 to obtain my bachelor's degree in education. My plan is to be out of Hardee's when I am at Wayne State. I only want to work part time at that point. That is my life as of now in a nutshell.

Writer's Block: Best book ever!

Is there any book you can read over and over again without ever getting sick of it? Do you discover something new every time you read it?

Anything by Mitch Albom
Ready to be done with school.

Just some practice

Because everything being good at requires practice. Since I am good at writing, at least I like to think so, I need to keep at it on a regular basis. I do not have any english classes this semester and I miss it! I really want to write a paper in the worse way. I want to read a book and go over symbolism, themes, etc. I want to write an amazing paper and get a wonderful grade on it! Say what you want. Nerd, Geek, Dork, etc. I love school. I love writing papers. I love homework. There are days that I do not like how much time it takes but in the end it is all worth it. I love learning new things and studying. I love looking stuff up on the internet or in books just to learn more about it. In fact, I am going to look up information on this disease called Pompe, just because it was mentioned in a movie that was based on a true story and I want to know more about it. Well, that is all I have for you all now.
I cleaning out my desk tonight and I came across my autobiography that I wrote for Chops in the 11th grade. All I have to say is wow! I made so many spelling errors. I mean it was decent for an 11th grader. I am so glad that over the past few years, I feel that I have become a better writer. I form better sentences, expanded my vocabulary and form wonderful thesis statements.
If this is not perfectly typed out, please forgive me. I just wanted to get some practice in so that my writing skills continue to grow.
The main thing I want to focus on is my grammar. It is not perfect and I want to perfect it. I also want to expand my vocabulary. I believe that would be very beneficial later on in life.
Time and time again I feel like I am not very smart. I do not know why that is but it is true. I know that I am smart and I know that I can do anything that I want to do. I think it is mostly because I do not push myself as hard as I should. I never feel as motivated as I did back in high school. I wonder why that is.
In high school, I did not work the last two years.
Now I work almost every day.
I think that is the most common denominator.
I already plan on working very minimally when I start at Wayne State University.
I have about a year left after this semester and am counting down the classes. Each semester, I cross off classes off of my list that I need to take and it feels so good!
It makes me feel like I am so much closer to my ultimate goal.
I cannot WAIT to go to WSU, they have an amazing education program and I know it is going to be fun.
Well I know that was random but I am going to be doing this more just to make sure I get some practice in. I am going to be writing a story soon. I am not going into much details but it will be a beautiful story! I will talk to you all later!